All about that FIT – NYU Visit

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I was very excited to attend this year’s NYU Counselor Open House.  I have a senior who was admitted this year and is attending in the fall and a junior who has it as her #1 choice.  I was hoping to learn anything I could to help my kiddos reach their dream school.

Welcome Class of 2022!

First off, we learned some impressive stats about the NYU’s incoming class:

  • 75,000 applications were received, the largest in NYU history and possibly, more than any other private university in the US
  • 20% admission rate (down from 28% last year)
  • Accepted students come from all 50 states and 111 countries.  In fact, 21% are international students.
  • 19% are the first in their family to attend college
  • 56% of the freshman class were early decision applications – PROOF: applying early and showing committed interest helps!

Who Gets In?

Next, we participated in an admissions case study activity, looking at profiles of NYU applicants and determining the admissions decision.  Although these examples were specific, the activity was EXTREMELY helpful in getting a look behind the curtain at the NYU admissions office and how they make decisions.  This information will be very helpful as I assist prospective students interested in the school.

Beyond Time Zones

After lunch, was an overview of the NYU opportunities outside of New York City:

Liberal Studies Core

  • 2 year program before you transfer into one of the NYU schools
  • First year option to study in either London, Paris, Florence, or Washington DC
  • Small (under 25) / Seminar style classes help the undecided student connect with their teacher and engage in the topic through discussion

Global Liberal Studies

  • An interdisciplinary 4-year program
  • Freshman and junior years spent abroad
  • Senior year thesis in NYC

Abu Dhabi Campus

  • Interested students apply via the the Common App and select Abu Dhabi campus
  • If selected, applicants are invited to attend Candidate’s Weekend for a 3-day visit to Abu Dhabi

Shanghai Campus

  • Accepted students must spend 2 years in Shanghai
  • Starting in junior year, students must spend 1-2 years at a different NYU campus
  • While in China, each international student will have a Chinese roommate
  • 2 degrees awarded- US and China
  • Regardless of Chinese proficiency at the start of the program (elementary-level, included) 100% of graduates will be Mandarin-proficient at the conclusion

The students!

Wow.  I could not have been more impressed with the students who were invited to speak on the panel!  They explained that although NYC can be an intimidating city, NYU made it easy to create their “web” of people.  The senior from Alabama found the adjustment hard at first but has easily acclimated and MAXIMIZED his opportunities at NYU- traveling abroad, joining student council, becoming an RA, and making personal connections with professors, to name a few. They reminded me of so many of my current students.  I cannot wait to add NYU to their application lists.


Dorky Counselor Info…

Our last session (before they treated us to a very generous happy hour) was about maximizing supporting documents.  This was about all the nerdy stuff that I send in on a student’s behalf. This gave me some good tips but was most beneficial for letting me know that we are doing the right things when it comes to these documents.  

Major Learning Experience

My major takeaway from the NYU Counselor Open House was how seriously NYU considers “fit.”  We talk about fit all the time, but while most schools want to ensure that a student fits into their school, NYU wants to ensure that a student fits into their program.  A Tisch kid is extremely different from a Stern kid, yet they live harmoniously in any of the NYC historic buildings-turned-dorm rooms while taking a break from their studies in Washington Square Park with a vegan latte from PeaceFood.

Any chance they accept late 30-something-year-olds?…

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