About Rise Up!

Welcome to Rise Up!

If you have found yourself here it is likely because your child has started (or started thinking about) the college planning process and it already seems overwhelming!

In this rapidly changing world, college admissions has certainly experienced shifts in its process.  We are here to help you and your child successfully navigate the process.

31444581_434717656942301_8559136006282547834_nLisa, Owner and Head Consultant

The owner and head consultant is Lisa Marandola, a certified school counselor with a Master’s degree in the field and over 14 years of experience. The public school system taxes the school counselor with numerous administrative jobs like standardized testing and paperwork, but Lisa’s passion is college counseling and the application process. Lisa recognized a need in her community for greater individualized support in the process, this became the foundation for Rise Up! College and Educational Consultants.

Starting the process early is the key to guaranteeing  the most success!  However no matter where you are, we help with the STRESS and confusion of the college planning process.