Why Work With A College Coach/Education Consultant

Maybe your child is in 9th or 10th grade and you know college is in their future.  Maybe you went to college and have a general idea how to help them.  Maybe you know your child has a “guidance counselor” at their high school and you hope he or she will fill in the gaps in your understanding of the process.

So, why hire a College Consultant?  Here is how we help:

School Counselors’ Huge Caseloads

The average caseload for a school counselor 480 students.  Philadelphia counselors fall just below that averaging 471 students the counselor is responsible for.  While school counselors are experts in college admissions, their administrative duties like standardized testing and tending to personal and social needs of students can overwhelm much of their day.

A college coach or consultant carves out individual, uninterrupted time with your child.  They won’t be pulled out of the session for bus duty or to address a teacher’s concerns.

College Admissions is Different Now (and constantly changing)!

Even if you went to college, you probably filled out a paper application that you picked up from your high school’s guidance office.  Procedures, trends, and techniques change every year- It is the consultant’s job to be the expert and to stay on top of changes.  He or she will know the difference between the Common App and the Coalition App, when the FAFSA becomes available and when it is due, whether your child should take the SAT and the ACT, and so much more

Experience and Expertise

Personally, I have advised over 1,000 students in my career, and all who wanted to got into college.  College consultants know the schools and your child’s prospects at each.  They have experience with what your child needs to get into their dream school.

Maybe most important… So You Don’t Have to be the Nag!

Let’s be honest, asking your child to do extra work is not fun.  The college search and application process requires hours of your child’s time.  The college consultant keeps your child on task, organized, and accountable.  Their passion for the college application process makes it an adventure, rather than a chore.

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